Here's a list of all the things you need to design great Android apps. Get all of the best advice, guidelines and free downloads available on the web.

About material design

Material design is Google’s design language, it focuses on a simple flat look and according to Google is "based on paper and ink". Material design is responsive, it moves and evolves as the user performs tasks. Seams, edges and shadows provide meaning and show where the user can touch and interact with the interface.

Android official design guidelines

  • Google official <a href=""target="_blank">basic app design guidelines
  • Android official <a href=""target="_blank">design principles
  • Android app <a href=""target="_blank">widget design guidelines
  • An introduction to <a href=""target="_blank">Material design by Google
  • Google Material design <a href=""target="_blank">icon design
  • Guide to <a href=""target="_blank">text and writing inside apps

Step by step guides

  • Android <a href=""target="_blank">cheatsheet for graphic designers
  • A guide to <a href=""target="_blank">converting iOS designs to Android
  • <a href=""target="_blank">How to design for Android devices
  • <a href=""target="_blank">Designing for Android Auto by Google
  • Designing across platforms <a href=""target="_blank">from Android to iOS

Design inspiration

  • Android app designs <a href=""target="_blank">1640 screenshots in 31 categories
  • <a href=""target="_blank">Inspired UI Android designs and news
  • 30 exceptional <a href=""target="_blank"> Material Design apps for Android
  • <a href=""target="_blank">44 Android app interfaces for design inspiration
  • A collection of <a href=""target="_blank">beautiful Android apps on Tumbler
  • Four Android app <a href=""target="_blank">design guidelines you should break!

The best free Android downloads

  • <a href=""target="_blank">Official downloads includes app mockups, design templates and icons
  • Download <a href=""target="_blank">750 Material design icons provided by Google
  • Official <a href=""target="_blank">Android colour swatches from google
  • Android Lollipop <a href=""target="_blank">PSD gui kit from
  • <a href=""target="_blank">Free Android fonts at
  • Free PSD <a href=""target="_blank">Material design UI kit
  • <a href=""target="_blank">PSD Android GUI Set
  • PSD Material design <a href=""target="_blank">UI Kit freebie by Jakub Kośla
  • Android Vector <a href=""target="_blank">Wireframing Toolkit for Illustrator
  • A simple, flat <a href=""target="_blank">mobile and web UI kit
  • Lookamore <a href=""target="_blank">PSD UI kit on Dribble
  • <a href=""target="_blank">Android Lollipop PSD GUI Kit
  • Android <a href=""target="_blank">UI design Kit for Photoshop
  • PSD UI kit <a href=""target="_blank"> including flat components
  • Mobile & UI <a href=""target="_blank">Android Lollipop PSD UI Kit
  • Bootflat UI Kit, a <a href=""target="_blank">PSD user interface pack on Github
  • Android <a href=""target="_blank">grid PSD template for Android Lollipop icon design
  • Material design <a href=""target="_blank">icon templates on Dribble
  • All the <a href=""target="_blank">Android Lollipop icons you’ll ever need
  • Everything you need <a href=""target="_blank"> to design Android Wear apps
  • Mockup <a href=""target="_blank">Android app designs with this Photoshop template
  • Android <a href=""target="_blank">Lollipop tablet UI template


  • <a href=""target="_blank">News, tips, advice and discussion about Android devices
  • Anything and everything about <a href=""target="_blank">Android Wear, and the watches that go with it
  • The 70 best <a href=""target="_blank">free Android apps
  • Dropbox’s new Android app is all about <a href=""target="_blank"> invisible design
  • Is Google <a href=""target="_blank">getting better at design
  • <a href=""target="_blank">Android news and stories on
  • <a href=""target="_blank">More news and reviews about Android phones
  • <a href=""target="_blank">Android app design community on Google+
  • <a href=""target="_blank">The secrets to app success on Google play

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