After putting our <a href=""target="_blank"> resources for Apple Watch post live we got a request to do the same kind of post listing resources and design guidelines for <a href=""target="_blank">Android Wear. So without further ado, we'd like to present everything you need to design brilliant apps for the other major competitor in the wearable space.

Available Android Wear Devices

  • Start with this guide to <a href=""target="_blank">every Android watch available today
    android watches wearables

Official Design Guidelines

  • Android’s official <a href=""target="_blank"> creative and design priciple guidelines for wearables
  • Google's video guide to designing and developing for Android Wear

Android Wear Design Inspiration

  • Some cool animated <a href=""target="_blank">Android Wear design concepts by Ultralinx
  • A <a href=""target="_blank">first and a <a href=""target="_blank">second wearable inspired board on Pinterest
  • An Android Wear <a href=""target="_blank">design story for a walking app
  • A project based on and how it would <a href=""target="_blank"> function as an Android Wear app

Step By Step Guides

  • A walk through the <a href=""target="_blank">main design principles for Android Wear
  • Download a comprehensive guide to <a href=""target="_blank">designing Android Wear watch faces
  • <a href=""target="_blank">Android Wear user interface overview on Medium
  • Android Wear watches <a href=",news-18491.html"target="_blank">5 Things We Know, 5 We Don't on Tom's Guide

Free Downloads

  • Android’s own <a href=""target="_blank"> free design downloads Photoshop mockups, templates, icons, fonts, colour palette
  • Android Wear square and round face <a href=""target="_blank">UI Design Kit for Photoshop
  • Download our own Fluid UI <a href=""target="_blank">Android Wear icons
  • PSD mockups for <a href=""target="_blank"> Moto 360 and <a href=""target="_blank">LG G Watch
  • Android Wear interfaces with a realistic background <a href=""target="_blank">PSD template
  • Android wear kit <a href=""target="_blank">for PSD and Fireworks


  • <a href=""target="_blank">These Android Wear updates are set to rival Apple Watch
  • How Android could have the upper hand when it comes to <a href=""target="_blank">cross platform sharing and connectivity and the IOT
  • "The first smartwatch I'd wear as a watch" <a href=""target="_blank">ASUS ZenWatch Review
  • <a href=""target="_blank">What Android Wear is actually like to use

If you've got another resource you like to add please include it in the comments below.