You might already have a crystal clear vision for the amazing product you are about to develop. But the minute your vision has a logo, it becomes far more real. Making a good looking logo can be a daunting task for founders who aren’t familiar with the world of brand design. Designer or not, your job is still to figure out how to make it happen.

Depending on your budget and available time, there are quite a few ways you can get your logo designed. This is Fluid UI’s rundown of the available options depending on your budget.

Option 1: Use an online logo creation tool

Developing a logo for your early stage startup is a must, but as a bootstrapping founder, you probably don’t have the budget or time to work with a pricy design expert on an expensive and exhaustive brand design process.

If you need to just get something done, try starting with one of the logo generator sites below, which can pump out a suitable logo in anything from a few minutes to a few hours of your time (plus a few dollars if you want to get higher quality exports).

Online logo development tools
Advantages:Quick, easy and you know exactly what you will get.
Disadvantages:Many use pretty standard icons, resulting in a lack of uniqueness. Very little unique customisation.
Time:A few minutes or hours of your time.

Fluid UI’s picks for the best online logo design tools:

Designhill is an all-in-one graphic design marketplace that not only equips exprtise but also integrates Artificial Intelligence for better user experience. They have multiple DIY tools powered by AI where one can create their design on their own. By following simple steps one can easily launch their logo contest and with DIY tools they can create their designs on their own.
With assets:$65
With assets and customisations:$195
Logojoy uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to help you create a professional-quality designs. Just enter your company name, answer a few questions, and you’ll be presented with tons of custom logo ideas tailored to your business. Once you have an option you like, you can tweak colors, symbols, and layouts, plus preview what your design might look like on business cards, T-shirts, letterheads and more.
With assets:$65
With 1 hour of expert designer time:$195
Renderforest logo maker helps you to create your own high-quality logos in minutes and in your favorite style right in the cloud. More than 20,000 unique artwork files are available. With this logo maker, you just stop worrying about any design skills. The service offers you a huge diversity of logo styles. You can try different styles and, in the end export your most favorite version. After you're done making your logo you can use their [intro maker]( to create an awesome logo animation.
Low quality PNG:Free
High quality PNG:$19
A very convenient and comprehensive online logo maker that lets any netizen make the right logo within minutes, the fastest speed being in just 30 seconds. A logo can be made for companies, blogs, websites, Ad banner, YouTube and many more simply by using drag and drop navigation. You can search for logos on a specific topic from a database of 6000+ templates or just design it from scratch.
With assets:$19.99
With full copyright:$39.99
Logomaster is a simple but powerful tool to get your logo design-ready within minutes. The website generates good looking logo designs for users to start with. Then it lets you further customize your logos with powerful drag-and-drop edit panel and over a million of icon stock.
With assets:$64
Designer-retouched logo:$162
DesignMantic is an all-in-one logo design platform that not only equips expertise but also integrates AI technology for a comprehensive user experience. It provides you with unlimited logo designs suitable for any industry. Within seconds, you can generate your own professional logo design at a highly affordable price.
With assets:$37 to $97
Complete branding solution:$199.88

Option 2: Use a freelancer or crowdsource it

Freelancer websites allow you to work with a real person to create a logo for your brand. The quality will depend on the amount of time you pay for and the ability of the designers you are working with - though often the responsibility falls on you to pick and choose a designer to work with that you like the style of.

Advantages:A real person to talk to and work with.
Disadvantages:The results can vary in quality, and you may still have to pay for them. You will also have to find the right designer to work with to capture the style you want to achieve.
Time:24 hours to a few days
Price:$5 - $500+

Some of the top freelancer and crowdsourcing sites include: allows you to post your logo and your budget, take bids and work with whoever you want. Give your work details and get competitve bids by reviewed professionals within minutes. It is one of the safest, simplest and fastest ways of getting a logo made online.
Design Crowd’s model lets you create a list of requirements and set budget, then let any number of people compete for to create the best logo for you. You can pick and choose the one you like best and declare them the winner.
If you are looking for top quality work, Upwork is the place for you. Hire experts with specialised skills to get customized solutions. Give your work specifications, browse or search the right talent, evaluate bids and pay by hour or a fixed price once the logo is designed.
Choose from thousands of freelancers by reviewing their work samples. Starting from just $5, you can find the right designer within minutes. You can easily contact the designer, resolve queries and meet all expectations of getting a top quality logo designed.
Another interesting platform where designers compete for your business. Simply fill in your logo details in an online form and launch a contest. Many designers showcase their logo and you choose the winner. Its simple, smart and fast.

Option 3: Work with a specialist design agency

The third option is to work with an agency that is specialised in graphic, brand and logo design. When working with an agency, they will have a complete process to ensure that your brand and logo gets the best possible treatment - but of course this can come with a fairly hefty price tag.

Advantages:A team of experts focused on building your brand with you.
Disadvantages:Prices might be a little high for a bootstrapped startup.
Time:A few weeks or months to complete the process.
Price:$2,000 - $1m+

We can’t say for sure whether this level of expenditure is a valuable use of your limited startup cash, so instead we asked 3 best in class design agencies to make the case for why you should consider getting a logo designed by them:

Why would you pay for an agency to design a logo vs using a free tool?

A logo is meant to represent your brand, it should be something that businesses and consumers recognize and may be the first thing that someone notices about your brand. Your logo should be original, creative, professional, and accurately represent your brand. It is something that should be strategized with professionals, and not a branding aspect that should be overlooked.

What is important about a logo that makes it worth such a level of investment?

A logo design must communicate a clear message about a brand and continue the story of the brand. This requires a thorough discovery of the brand story, research, brainstorming and then coming up with creative directions that convey the right message. This typically takes a skilled and experienced designer or a team of designers dozens of hours of work. If you are serious about your brand image and the impact it has on your market, then you must invest in an agency or even a design professional and allow them to spend the time required. If you pay less, then you can not expect a designer to spend that kind of time and effort. You know what they say - you get what you pay for. ~ Mash Bonigala, Master Brand Builder

Why you should consider getting a logo designed by an agency such as yourselves?

When making the decision between getting a logo designed by a boutique design agency over a quick online solution, you need to consider that you are not just paying for a ‘logo’ but intelligent design. Working with an agency ensures that you pay for access to a team that listen to your business needs and goals. An agency team will always collaborate and work with and alongside you so that you always get the results you paid for - and more. An agency will spend time understanding your brand but ultimately your audience, so that your logo successfully communicates who you are, sticks in your customers minds and helps send you in to the stratosphere!

Option 4: Do it yourself

Look, we don’t recommend it, but it’s always possible. You could always break open an image editor do it yourself depending on your artistic talent. Beware: results can vary - but - it can be a way to start, as shown by Google’s first logo (drawn by one of their founders).



So they are the different options you have when considering getting a logo developed. Whatever you choose, good luck with the venture, and don’t forget to sign up for Fluid UI to create your first prototype.

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