Seriously, nothing.

We were busy getting our Lollipop library update out, so it had to wait (for a few days anyway).

But then we tweaked a few style sheets, added a few social media sharing icons and had a great chat in the office about how the Apple Watch will not just affect digital interactions, but how - like the iPhone before it - it will change our social habits, body language and accepted norms of interaction with the people we interact with in the real world too. So we got excited, and decided we should write something about it.

We'll get that post live shortly, but for now:

  • Please help us out. Share, tweet, like, Pin, email - all the usual stuff. We want to share our design thinking and love for efficient software development practices with the world, and the more you can help, the more we can bring it to you.

  • We're looking at updating this blog a lot more frequently from now on. Come back and visit often, or add us to RSS and so on. I promise it will be worth it.

  • Our old blog, (no longer being updated), is still at All the new content we are dreaming up will be posted here, and we have a lot of ideas to share.

Many thanks and looking forward to bringing you a world of great content.