The MobX conference in Berlin is an annual highlight for Fluid UI and this year was no different. On the 16th and 17th of November the 2nd ever MobX conference was held. This year the conference was extended from a 1 day to a 2 day event with a round of practical workshops taking place on the 15th before the main conference began. There were 10 talks each day along with plenty of networking opportunities. In total 350 of the most influential people from the world of mobile design were there to talk about the future.

Billed as “Mobile Experience Design and Usability: Meet the experts” There certainly were many experts and some truly breath-taking presentations about the world of mobile and where it is at right now, where it’s been before and where it is headed in the future. The cosy size of MobX meant that the speakers were accessible and mingling with the just-as-interesting attendees - this made for a great atmosphere overall. Here are just a few highlights from the amazing speaker line-up. All you need to know about this talk given by Scott Jenson is this simple equation…

Scott Jenson - Beyond Mobile, Beyond Web - BDConf, Sept 2012

Scott suggest “apps must die” in favour of more disposable “just-in-time” interactions powered by the likes of HTML5 and future web standards - like walking up to a bus stop and having a bus schedule pop up on your screen, interact with it, forget about it and walk away - no downloading. Interesting, could phrase it as a more disposable “web page” or a slice of an overall experience which spans real world and virtual. A completely device agnostic digital experience. Some game developers might call it streaming the web on demand.

The second screen - blending TV and the web

A clever and witty presentation on design for TV that incorporates elements of the web. Also the virtues of interdisciplinary cooperation are well argued for with solid examples.

An epic history of UI, mobile and well, a lot more than that. Stephanie cleverly shows how much of what we think of as new technology, is in fact, very old technology. Due to considerably long incubation times. Did you know the fax machine was first patented over 160 years ago in Scotland? Read on.

Amber Case: Ambient Location and the Future of the Interface

Geofencing as a way to insert triggers into the real world is such an elegant solution from Geoloqi. So combine what Amber Case is describing and what Scott Jenson is describing and it seems like a content infrastructure - capable of pushing or pulling content anywhere in any context - with goal of providing a seamless experience to the user.

The Reactable DJ at the after-party was really outstanding - great to finally see Reactable in the flesh.

Fluid UI was showcased to packed rooms of interested and curious attendees with a 30 minute demo each day - thanks to everyone for such an amazing reaction - it’s been great catching up with you all afterwards. From us, a proud partner of MobX, congratulations then to Jan, Stephen and the rest of the organising team on such a successful gathering. Here’s to 2013! Finally, a collection of photos from the event that give a good flavour of proceedings.