Although mobile apps are becoming an effective tool for accomplishing the daily needs like purchasing online products and services, according to the certain research report, more than 75% mobile users just open the app once and then rarely return. What causes this scenario to take place? A poorly designed UI and an inadequate UX are two of the major reasons why your app fails to engage users or retain them.

Just as the world has experienced huge technological advances in almost every sector, the expectations of Smartphone users has increased. This is particularly so in terms of mobile app development, be it the app functionality, features, UI or UX. Users don’t just expect a visually pleasing app, it should be highly functional as well.

Each year comes with some amazing design trends and improvements in the mobile app development field that helps app developers and mobile app companies to build progressive and attractive apps that can catch user’s interest even at first time. In 2018 also, there are certain remarkable app design and development trends that are worth using to make your app absolutely attractive and capable of satisfying all sorts of user expectations.

Let’s explore some of these latest mobile app design trends in 2018

Custom Illustration

Custom artwork and illustration helps create a visual language which can really enhance and add personality to a brand.

This is going to be one of the most used trends by the designers in 2018. Custom illustration allows you to design more responsive and connective interfaces so that users can conveniently interact with the app. This design approach allows you to add personality to the design and build effective brand awareness with the effectual recall of the app among the users. Many of the mobile app development agencies have already started utilizing the custom illustration strategy in their app design solutions.

Fusing Material Design & Flat Design

The main reason for this is that the combination of flat and material design with its smooth lines and soft colors provides the lease strain on the users’ eyes and keeps them engaged for longer.

Applying more attractive and complex elements to the flat material design is the new evolving mobile design trend in 2018. The shadow effect and translucent images can be added to the app design which can keep the user engaged for a long time. The main reason for this is that the combination of flat and material design with its smooth lines and soft colors provides the lease strain on the users’ eyes and keeps them engaged for longer. This design trend also allows you to add animation, depth, and transition to the app design. Combining the creative effects and ideas to the material design layout is an absolutely impressive mobile app design trend that you must try in your app strategy.

When using flat or material design or if you are fusing them is that some users will be more used to one or the other. Those with android devices will be more used to material design while those with Apple devices will be more used to flat design. Mixing the two together can bring users together but you need to make sure who your users are when going through the design process.

Customized Icons

The effective design choice here has to be grounded on market and competition research so that the app icon could look original and wouldn’t get lost in the competition.

Rather than using the conventional approach of implementing standard icon design, the best way is to customize the icons which can surely help you catch user’s attention. Including animation to the icons can definitely have a good impact on users giving authentic experience to them. This latest app design trend is one of the safe approaches to experiment your app design since modifications to the icon need fewer time and efforts. There is one rule however when using custom icons: if it is not immediately obvious what the icon symbolises then don’t use it.

Expand Your Color Palette

Expand your color palette
This is a completely effective app design strategy that you can adopt. Using different color palette and experimenting with diverse contrasting and vibrant colors can yield amazing design combination. But, although using a different color palette can help your app to stand out, you must not use it just for the sake of standing out. If it does not suit the app and the flow then you need to thread carefully.

Enhancing User Interaction

Usually, we consider using interaction and design systems which are familiar to the users because it is the best way to make them comfortable with the app and build engagement and trust. Still, nowadays we are coming across some mobile apps which have customized user interaction design which have a positive impact on users. Now users prefer improved interaction in the app expecting something more to try. Thus, ensure you make user interaction both interesting and usable by including convenient user flow and easy to use options as you do not want to increase the users’ cognitive load.


In order to completely fulfil your mobile app development efforts, try to explore and implement diverse design and development strategies trending in the market. The above-mentioned app design trends could help you to create incredible UX/UI for your app having the potential to grab user attention and interest. If you find it difficult to build your app along with such latest trends, contact us and discuss your app requirements so that we could further assist you with powerful mobile app development solutions.

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